Smart Reward Token (SRT) MEXC Exchange Transmission Cashization

The Smart Reward Token (SRT) is a token currently listed on MEXC, , Huobi Global, and And you can get this smart reward token (SRT) through an app called CachePie. Cash Pie is a reward app that allows app tech to pay points through attendance check at nearby stores and watching advertisements.
And you can exchange points with Smart Reward Token (SRT) within the Cash Pie app.
If you exchange gift certificates within the app with the point of Cash Pie, the efficiency is very poor. However, if you exchange the cash pie point with SRT and send it to the MEXC exchange to cash in, you can exchange it at a 1:1 ratio with the won.
So today we’re going to look at how to cash in points in the Cash Pie app using the MEXC exchange.
1. Confirmation of Smart Reward Token (SRT) listed exchange
SRT is currently listed on MEXC, Huobi Global, and
And the exchange where the price is relatively high is the MEXC exchange. Even a small difference is precious to us, so we will proceed with cashing using the MEXC exchange.

▷ Going to check the posting of how to use the MEXC exchange

2. Prepare SRT withdrawal from Cash Pie app
In the Cash Pie app, you can earn points by attending nearby stores, watching advertisements, and participating in missions. Points collected like that can be converted to SRT.
If you’ve collected points hard, we’ll move on to using points on the main screen of the app. You can also purchase gift certificates right away with point use, but go to SRT conversion.
Go to SRT Switch/Withdraw to switch. Enter the point you want to exchange, check the exchange rate, and press the Switch button to proceed. The transition is real-time. It then moves to withdrawal during the transition/withdrawal phase. Select the quantity to withdraw and click Next to proceed. The withdrawal fee is about 130 won at 100SRT.
The withdrawal address in the next step must be verified on the MEXC exchange. Then let’s move to the MEXC exchange.

3. Preparation of deposit at MEXC Exchange
Go to my assets on the MEXC exchange and search by SRT on the list. Please note that the SRT1 token is not an asset that we will send. Please proceed by pressing the deposit of SRT. Then, the deposit network is automatically selected. You can copy it by pressing where two small squares are displayed next to the English address. You can enter this address as a cache pie withdrawal address. After a minute or two, you can see that SRT has been deposited from MEXC’s assets.
Occasionally, the Cache Pie app prompts you that the transfer has failed, but I was able to confirm that the deposit was successful on the MEXC exchange. The SRT token received goes to the transaction window for cash and sells immediately.
After that, it buys Ripple or Tron, which is an asset for transfer, for transfer to another exchange. Currently, deposits from MEXC exchanges to Upbit or other domestic exchanges are restricted. Therefore, you have to transfer it to Upbit from another exchange after you have to transfer it from that exchange.
The FTX exchange is currently very fast among Upbit and account owner verification services.
A brief description of the course is as follows:
Tron Count in MEXC->Transfer FTX->Transfer to Tron Upbit received from FTX->Sell Tron at Upbit and withdraw cash
▷ Going to check the posting of the deposit method to Upbit on the FTX exchange
Although the process is cumbersome, I can exchange the SRT I have accumulated so far at a better rate than the cache pie point.
I hope it will be good information for those who are looking for an SRT cashing method.