I’ll tell you the most cost-effective way to expose Google’s top

First of all, the premise is a minimum understanding of web pages. I know a little bit of HTML and the general structure of the website (I think it’s enough to know where the navigation bar is usually attached…)

Well, I’m not a weakling, so I’ll give you an answer right away. It is to apply the semantic tag. 구글상위등록 대행 Semantic means ‘semantic’. Many front-end developers develop with div tags alone or with inappropriate tags. For example, if you develop it as a div tag instead of using a button tag for button UI development, there will be a problem with web accessibility. In particular, visually impaired people often use the tab button on their keyboard to go down the form tag, but if they develop it as a div tag, the tab button will not work. Well, you don’t have to understand this part. The point is that you have to use a semantic tag. The reason is for web accessibility. For more information about web accessibility, see the following.

If you search for how Google SEO works… there’s a lot of Google crawlers going into the web page and stuff. It is said that Here’s a hint, and the point is how the crawler becomes a nice web page to look at.

Let’s take a look at the HTML file.

Crawler scans all of these HTML pages on the website, evaluates what documents they are, and reflects them on the search engine. That’s why we need a semantic tag. This is because the semantic tag tells you where to start, who wrote this article, and how to divide the paragraph. If you look at some of the semantic tags, they are as follows.

Through the article tag, Crawler is informed that the article will start from now on. Through the header, crawler can clearly see that it will tell the metadata of the article, the author or title, and the time to write. It is also similar to inserting keywords that want to be exposed to the top. The point is how kindly you can inform crawler of your web page. You may have heard that it is good to upload similar categories of videos for algorithms on YouTube. Think about it. How many websites does crawler have to go around? The cost of Google spinning the crawler is also money. Therefore, there will be a limited amount of time available to crawlers, in other words, to browse a web page. They say that you need to make it possible to interpret a lot of information on your website in a short time to know if it is a good document and raise it to the top. That’s why we need a semantic tag.

However, there are two things that usually become a problem when you go into practice.

1. In the case of manufacturing as a web page builder

It is necessary to provide a function to touch HTml directly, but this is often not the case. T-story is not bad in that respect. It opens the HTML window. Many page builders often tag and make it impossible to edit (especially they often abuse heading tags). It can be checked quickly with a tool such as a lighthouse) No answer. It is better to consider this as much as possible and choose a tool.

2. If you have a developer in Inaus and you use a SPA-based front-end tool such as View or React

Very problematic case lol. In particular, since the recent trend is that single page applications (SPAs) are popular, most front-end developers are concentrated here. If you want to know what SPA is, you can google it. What you need to know about SPA from the SEO point of view is that SPA is not compatible with SEO because it is a product consisting of one html file. There is a tool for applying this to SEO, but it is also possible in a limited part. I have to use a completely different tool or change the site consisting of csr (client side rendering) to ssr (server side rendering) and create it again (the project I was in charge of was delayed a lot for this reason)

In the first place, the SPA feels more like a web-powered ‘application’. That the web ‘page’ feeling is weak. If you are more curious about this part, you will find out why if you search more with the keyword ‘ajax’. So actually Google is responding in writing.

On top of that, SPA is rarely created by keeping the semantic tag due to the inherent characteristics considered as an application + the css library tailored to it. Therefore, additional semi-tags should be set, but this part is not that difficult. Therefore, the most cost-effective way to expose Google’s top level is to apply semi-tags!