Elementary School Internet Lecture Elly High 4th Grade Learning Math

The brothers are already elementary school students

It’s been a while since I entered school with excitement

I realized that time flies so fast

That’s how I feel

I think my age is just an extra year

Why do sons come so big?

I thought about it carefully, and the school changed

I think there’s a change, such as becoming a senior

It’s a time when you can’t do it lightly

I’m going to spend this winter vacation well

That’s why I’m going to start ELLY HIGH

We wanted to make it to the top 1%

I got to experience it for free in advance

I’m a working mom, so I have another job

I was a little worried if it wasn’t

I can’t miss it because it’s an important time for fourth grade math

I’m in a hurry to meet you

Elihai 엘리하이 can move forward individually according to its capabilities. I thought that my skills would improve without realizing it if I had a fixed class every day. And it helps build up hip strength. Also, I think it’s a big attraction that there are various instructors, so they can change the teacher according to the child’s tendency, not just one teacher. I saw my child prefer a female math teacher in the fourth grade.

It’s hard to get all the subjects

It’s especially hard to take care of society and science

Aside from other parts, first of all

It’s because I don’t have enough time if I do this and that.

The fact that we can meet at home

It’s a big charm

My kid is good at using things like this

I was looking at something and I looked into it

He said he caught the criminal himself

There are contents like this from time to time, so interest is up!

I think it’s good to cool off

I looked at the timetable in the beginning

You can make your own timetable

It’s a one-on-one homeroom system in Elly High

The homeroom teacher said that the amount of children’s learning

They’re adjusting their schedules

It’s always possible to change it, and you, too

You can choose

I chose Maeng Jihyun for Korean and Kwon Jimin for math

Please listen to it and note that it can be changed at any time

I heard that you listen to Kim Yong Gil’s lectures a lot

Guys, if you like, listen to me

We prepared a special lecture for the winter vacation

Long winter vacation compared to summer,

I thought I should have a fruitful day

I think there are a lot of people who recognize me

I like it because there is a special winter vacation lecture!

And there’s one more thing that’s going on during the winter vacation!

Elly High’s winter upgrade is in progress

I’ll show you from the bottom

You’ll be able to see a lot of content


I think it’s an important time where you can spend it in vainly

I hope that it helps you throughout the show with Elly High



And there’s a smart pen like this

You can take a look at all the whole thing at a time,

If I can solve the workbook and get help with things I don’t know,

You can learn more efficiently

If you look at the table of contents,

It could be a pretty cumbersome process

Would you like to see what you can do here?

If you touch the number with this pen,

The video will play automatically

solve each wrong question

It’s convenient because you don’t have to look for it

If you look here, you can use smart pens

Elementary school internet lecture, Elly High smart textbook

Please remember that we exist separately

And he’s at the top of the 1031 level

After mastering the advanced problem,

I’m trying to wrap this up

It’s fascinating because there’s a lecture here

I know a lot of people are looking for this

I’m at Elly High, the 4th grade math elementary school


It’s good news for those who are interested in deepening or higher courses

And there’s only one special class for gifted students in the industry

You can watch M.V.E., the No. 1 middle school online lecture

I’m serious about English education

I think I’m doing a good job

I’m going to show him a video or a book

There’s a limit to providing it

But the problem was solved through Elementary School Class Elly High

Leveling will be done through the first level test

The fact that the English library opens up is also eye-catching

There’s a separate program for reading

Ellie High is enough

I don’t think we can do this anymore


Mathematics, English, Chinese characters and biological observations

I was amazed by the vast amount of content

Each child has different tendencies

I think it’d be nice to take a closer look at what’s right



Including school performance evaluation and coding!

And there’s also content that will satisfy your intellectual curiosity

The beginning of the top 1% is Ely High, an elementary school class

I’m going to study for my child

Like I said, we’re in the middle of an Elly High winter upgrade

The English that I always prioritize and value

The content has been greatly strengthened.

Oxford World, a reading application that introduces ORT books,

Even the listening master using sentence structure learning method!

If you’re curious, you can use it for free ^^



The good things and the bad things in my house

There’s a 3rd grader who talks a lot and makes a fuss

In order to draw interest, the characteristics of each subject

It’s a multi-media course that reflects smartly

I’m trying to use it, but it’s pretty good

Through various activities, you can concentrate more

I think I can enjoy learning the concept of the subject

Get used to Ellie High’s confidence-building system

It would be great if it could be self-directed learning

And there are apps that have already opened or are scheduled to open

If you leave your kids bored, you’ll be able to watch reckless videos

I think you can fall into the game

It’s better to play useful games through the Elementary School Class Elly High app

I want to increase my background knowledge through comfort and useful videos

I think it’ll help expand the scope of your thinking

I think all my brothers will be registered soon

For this winter upgrade,

I’m going to expand my background to satisfy my intellectual curiosity

I heard that it’s good to learn more

Of course I’m not that, I’m English^^

4th grade math is important,

I like videos and books that you can see in a variety of ways

Basic subjects, as well as performance and knowledge acquisition

I’m satisfied that I could trick you

If you’re more curious, please try it out 🙂