Learn more about the cost of replacing iPhone batteries

If you use a smartphone, you will feel the importance of battery management at least once. Especially if you are using iPhone, I think you will realize it more because there has been an issue with batteries. 아이폰 배터리 교체 Especially, there are people who have a habit of plugging in batteries unconditionally. Rather, the habit of continuously charging the battery while it is 100% fully charged is said to be a bad habit. Today, we’re going to learn about iPhone battery replacement costs and how to manage your battery properly to save money.​

First, I will tell you how to check the battery performance. You can use this part to check if the battery is well managed, but it is recommended that you check it because the transaction price may vary depending on the battery performance even in used transactions

Open the iPhone basic app, the setting app, and select the ‘Battery’ item. You can set up various battery settings here

Battery low power mode, which is good to use for a longer period of time when the battery is low, can also be set up here.


To check battery performance in earnest, click on ‘Battery Performance Status’ and check the percentage according to the maximum performance. There is no problem with general use, and the range that is judged to be good is between 100% and 80%. If the battery performance is less than 80%, it is recommended that you replace it.


Apple is providing an estimated cost service for iPhone battery replacement. The price varies by model, and you can expect 59,400 won for the model before iPhone 10 (iPhone X), and 79,200 won for the model after that. (If you still have Apple Care warranty, you can replace it for free.)

In order to use the battery for longer periods of time, the battery should not be charged continuously after being fully charged as mentioned earlier. Also, if you set the iPhone optimized charging, the alarm will be sent when the battery is charged so that it can be optimized. Active use of these features will slow down the battery life of the iPhone. I hope it helps you by referring to my writing, and thank you.